Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Like you, I am a small business owner. I am also a parent, so I know how hard it can be to set aside time to work on growing your business and how tempting it can be to just settle for the quickest win. I know I have done just that when it comes to the areas of running a business that I have little experience in. It can all seem so overwhelming sometimes.

I also know how every penny counts. You are so much more careful about what you spend when it’s you who have worked really hard to make that money in the first place.

Like many I also believe small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. That is why I want to share the valuable skills I have learnt over past 15 years in identifying ideal customers, developing value propositions and stand out go-to-market strategies with you, the small business owner.

And I won’t blind you with science. I will provide you with practical actionable advice and information – some of which you will be able to implement pretty quickly, some of which will take a bit longer.

Also I am passionate and take pride in all I do. Twice awarded in my corporate career for being customer centric and nominated for several awards since starting Distinktiv, this pride and passion comes through in the work I deliver to clients.

Finally, I have kept my prices affordable. However, with the return on investment you will see from your marketing efforts, it shouldn’t take long for you to recoup any fees you pay me.


t gaffon portrait

Tanya Gaffon
Founder, Distinktiv Ltd