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Building customer engagement to improve customer conversions

For small businesses, hitting prospective customers with the right messaging at the right time is essential to making those valuable conversions into sales. This case study demonstrates how I was able to help generate new business for Sapna Odlin of Sapna Odlin Photography within 2 ½ weeks of adopting a new approach to lead generation.

The opportunity
  • Sapna a family photographer, wanted to grow her business and felt one way she could do this was to increase her ratio of leads to customers.

The approach
  • I worked with Sapna to identify and really understand her ideal customer. By looking at factors like: who they are, their values, and the challenges her photography service can overcome, we were able to identify what would motivate them to buy.
  • We then determined how her photography service responds to her ideal customer’s challenges and how it satisfies their needs in a unique way.
  • I then worked closely with Sapna to start small, by recommending she create a lead magnet (content download) piece that really tapped into the current challenges faced by the target customer, and then presenting them with a solution. It also positioned Sapna as someone well equipped to provide them with that particular solution.
  • I followed this by taking a closer look at how Sapna’s value proposition could be enhanced, to capture more value from her target audience.
The result
  • Thanks to this new approach to lead conversion, Sapna was able to realise a greater than tenfold increase in unique hits on the lead magnet page, compared to previous pieces.
  • New business was generated within 2 ½ weeks of this new approach going live.
  • In the time since I undertook this piece of work with Sapna, she has undertaken further work on her ideal customer, maintaining focus whilst finding a clever way of increasing her reach. She has built and developed her value proposition accordingly so that she remains true to the core essence of her business and photography but is able to leverage her enhanced client base.
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