Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Responding to customer needs by making a complex new programme easy to understand and deliver.

What do your customers really want? This case study is just one example of how I worked with a team within a large education organisation to help refine their message and ensure it really resonated with their customers.

The opportunity
  • When the Government decided to redefine how it wanted entry-level vocational training to be organised and delivered, our client, a leading vocational education organisation,  needed to review its product offering.
  • How was it going to ensure that its customers, further education colleges and training providers, really understood this new, relatively complex programme?
  • Working closely with the team responsible, I took the opportunity to help them create a competitively differentiated programme and support package that really responded to what their customers considered important.
The approach
  • I worked closely with the team responsible to properly understand the market dynamics – changes, outlook and competitor landscape.
  • We created focus groups and online surveys to really understand how customers were feeling and what they wanted from the client.
  • This helped us identify that customers were nervous about the changes and wanted their hands held. At the same time, they wanted to feel in control. In addition, they wanted this organisation to provide robust support as well as making the programme as easy to understand as possible.
  • Armed with this helpful, relevant information, the team responsible was able to develop clear and easy-to-use web pages, create a practical step-by-step guide, run road shows and set up a forum to answer customer questions and respond to any concerns their customers had.
  • Finally, we worked together to re-define their messaging in order to communicate their new approach and used the slogan, ‘Hands-on help and support to put you in control.
The results
  • Record enquiries about the programme..
  • Very positive feedback from customers and prospects on how the team communicated and provided support to enable them to deliver this new programme.
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