Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Launching new programmes to diversify language school offering and respond to new market opportunity.
The opportunity
  • Early 2000s in Russia. Growing in popularity as a travel destination for graduates and other young people looking to enhance their CV.
  • Target audience wanting to do more than teach English.
The approach
  • Research into market and audience identified a gap in the market and led to creation of following programmes:
  • Work Study - opportunity to properly learn Russian whilst teaching English
  • Volunteer in occupations other than teaching – translation, admin, marketing
  • Messaging focused on how these opportunities could benefit the longer-term career prospects of the target audience in addition to providing an exciting travel opportunity. A well thought out customer journey made it easy for people to apply and purchase the programmes.
The results
  • The programmes launched successfully and demand was high enough that the organisation could be really selective with participants when filling places.
  • Additional staff hired to support admin of programmes. • Stood the test of time – the programmes are still going strong.

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