Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Launching new programmes to diversify language school offering and respond to new market opportunity.

Good strategy – backed up by solid research into customer needs and market conditions – stands the test of time. This case study shows how I was able to combine good research with appropriate product expansion, relevant messaging and a compelling client journey to help a language school create and sustain a competitive advantage.

The opportunity
  • In the early 2000s, Russia was growing in popularity as a travel destination for graduates and other young people looking to enhance their CV.
  • This provided an opportunity for the language school to change their approach, and appeal to a new target audience who wanted to do more than just teach English.
The approach
  • I conducted research into the market and the audience and was able to identify a gap in the market which led to the creation of multiple new educational programmes.
  • A new ‘Work Study’ programme gave prospects the opportunity to properly learn Russian whilst teaching English.
  • A product expansion opportunity allowed prospects to volunteer in occupations other than teaching – such as translation, admin and marketing.
  • I created messaging that allowed the client to focus on how these opportunities could improve the longer-term career prospects of the target audience, in addition to providing an exciting travel opportunity.
The results
  • The programmes launched successfully. As a result, this high demand allowed the organisation to be extremely selective with participants when filling places – to ensure candidates were of the highest quality.
  • The improved demand for educational programmes proved to be so high that the client had to hire additional staff to support the programmes’ administration.
  • Nearly two decades later the programmes are still going strong, proving that good quality research and strategy stands the test of time.

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